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14 Oct 2021

GALLET F2XR Rescue Helmet from MSA with Integrated Accessories for Hearing and Communication Protection

MSA Safety Stand: 5/G190
GALLET F2XR Rescue Helmet from MSA with Integrated Accessories for Hearing and Communication Protection
Ready to Take the Weather-Related Rescue Missions

Disasters linked to climate change like wildland fires, earthquakes, or floods affect societies, lead to environmental and economical losses. These phenomena have increased in frequency and as a consequence, fire and rescue services are more frequently called to rescue missions that pose new challenges for them. Their safety and comfort become increasingly a priority. Aurelie Favre, Senior Marketing Manager, First Responder and Government, EMEA at MSA spots light on GALLET F2XR, in particular, its integrated hearing protection accessories with the communication system that helps first responders to feel safe on the job.

Hearing protection with optional communication system

Equipment that’s optimised and adaptable to face rescue challenges as earthquakes orrescueat height is key to undertaking missions like these safely. The GALLET F2XR, with its hearing protection and optional integrated communication system, is ready to take on long-lasting rescue missions with optimal safety. Fully integrated electronic ear muffs enhance protection from hazardous noise without blocking out the important background sounds or important messages from the incident command for instance. The hearing protection module comes with an optional adjustable boom microphone, providing reliable team communications on any intervention scene.

Water rescue ear protection

Rising water levels are putting urban and rural areas all over the world at an increasingly high risk of flooding, and fire and rescue services are the first who respond. To rescue victims during floods or other interventions on rivers, emergency responders require helmets that are approved for wear on both non-motorised,andsmall and fast craftsand suitable for water rescue. The GALLET F2XR with its innovative accessories such as removable ear protection panels is suitable for water rescue. Additionally, user experience has proven that such panels can provide extended ear coverage to protect against potential projection hazards during technical rescues.It has been confirmed by achieving approval according to EN1385:2012 standard and compliance withthe British Standard PAS028 for use on small fast craft.The intuitive attachment points ofthe accessories allow for connecting and removal to easily adapt to the mission whenever needed. This also means the GALLET F2XR is a truly multifunctional and versatile helmet, which eliminates the need for having different kinds of helmets for each mission. It also offers a response for fire and rescue services for more efficient asset management, with lower cost of ownership.Head protection for the futureUnderstanding and preparation are essential to rescue missions caused by climate-change-related dangers.It’s now crucial for the Fire Service to consider the type of equipment that will answer the need of climate changeas well as other drastic changes ahead – concluded Favre.

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