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07 Sep 2023

IP4X Dehumidifier for controlling humidity in Armories

ALORAIR Drying Solutions Stand: 5/F253
IP4X Dehumidifier for controlling humidity in Armories
IP4X rated Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier
Humidity Control in Armories -

AlorAir Solutions UK Ltd have an IP4X dehumidifier which is perfect for controlling humidity in Armories ensuring that both guns and ammunition are maintained at the correct levels of humidity. As we know high humidity can cause both rust on guns as well as potential misfire in ammunition (damp gunpowder), both are completely unedsireable and unacceptable. The Sentinel HDi90 dehumidifier has a digital hydrostat constantly monitoring the humidity it the room/armorie it is placed in, the unit turns on and off to control the humidity to the correct levels. It is fitted with a pump and can pump up to a 4.5m head - perfect if it is located in a cellar or basement where services are not available.

For more information please contact Simon on 07704 509957.

We will be on Stand L182