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Jactone Products partners with Timilon as FAST-ACT distributor

Jactone Products Stand: 5/P190
Jactone Products partners with Timilon as FAST-ACT distributor
Contain, neutralise and decontaminate chemical hazards with FAST-ACT!

Jactone is delighted to announce we have partnered with Timilon as the UK distributor of FAST-ACT®.

FAST-ACT is US-manufactured, military-grade equipment that immediately decontaminates, contains, and neutralises Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), Toxic Industrial Chemicals and Toxic Industrial Materials, safely and in a single response tool.
FAST-ACT products have over 20 years of deployment with U.S. DoD, Global Militaries and Hazmat Teams. The broad range of utility makes FAST-ACT a unique asset against chemical threats.

The FAST-ACT patented formulation is non-flammable, non-corrosive, eco-friendly, and significantly reduces liquid and vapor threats. The dry powder formulation neutralises liquid and vapor threats upon contact, reducing local incident management and clean up times.

The main advantages of FAST-ACT are:

  • Effective against a broad array of chemicals - Including acids, organic compounds, chemical warfare agents, and more.
  • Neutralises both liquid and vapor hazards
  • Rapid-acting upon contact - Neutralisation efficacy greater than 95% is achieved for most toxic chemicals within two minutes.
  • Dry powder formulation - Facilitates transportation/storage and can be used in any environmental conditions.
  • Easy to operate delivery systems - No premixing or special training required.

Who is FAST-ACT for:
FAST-ACT® is already used in multiple markets on a global basis by a wide range of entities. These include:

  • Hazmat First Responders
  • Fire and Rescue Services
  • Ambulance Services
  • Police Departments
  • Civil Defence and Special Forces Groups
  • CBRNE military personnel and units
  • Pharmaceutical Companies and other Laboratories
  • Industrial, Commercial, Environmental and Health and Safety organisations

FAST-ACT has been tested and verified by several independent third-party laboratories / organisations.

Discover the FAST-ACT range for yourself at The Emergency Services Show on our stand M176.

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