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How to keep your fleet moving safely in snowy weather

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How to keep your fleet moving safely in snowy weather
Don't get stuck this winter!
As the seasons change, all fleets should be thinking about their winter resilience planning, and EV fleets will be being told how best to adapt their driving to help conserve energy while operating in cold weather. But what do you do when it snows and vehicles start to get stuck? How can you get them safely back to base? All vehicles should be equipped with winter accessories that ensure they can keep moving safely on snowy roads.

We’re here to tell visitors and exhibitors about AutoSock, the quick-fitting Norwegian tyre socks that keep vehicles moving and help self-rescue if they get stuck in snow. We’ll also be showing the latest innovation in snow chains for HGVs, the Polaire ‘Steel Truck’ for vans and lorries.  


Our aim for the show is to encourage visitors to at least test AutoSock and other products as part of their fleet’s resilience planning and learn how easy they are to use.  


More about AutoSock snow socks

AutoSock are hard-wearing, high-tech tyre socks that are pulled over the driving wheels of vehicles when extra grip is needed in snowy weather – there are sizes for cars, vans, trucks, buses and forklifts.


The product works by maximising the dry friction available – the specially developed fabric wicks away surplus water and has a fibre pattern that maximises the friction grip.


They are quick and easy to fit (an important safety consideration) and, being about the size of a folded shirt, are small enough to store in the vehicle ready for use as required. No special training or vehicle preparation is needed – just remember that they are there to be used!


AutoSock always work; most people are astonished at how extraordinarily effective they are when, for example, they use them to climb or descend hills safely, under complete control in snowy conditions.


They’ve been used by many of our emergency services vehicles, including fire engines. The car and van sizes are approved as an alternative to snow chains in some EU countries, and AutoSock for Trucks are the approved alternative to snow chains in the USA.


More about Polaire ‘Steel Truck’ snow chains

Polaire ‘Steel Truck’ snow chains for twin-wheeled vehicles are faster, easier and therefore safer to fit than any other HGV snow chains. And, at less than 20kg per chain, all drivers should be capable of fitting them.


These chains are unfolded – it’s impossible to tangle them – and then placed over the top and sides of the wheels. They are held in place against each wheel with 6 Dyneema cords (which can withstand tensioning forces in excess of 6 tonnes), which are first hooked onto a pre-positioned stainless steel ‘anchor ring’ in the wheel rim, and then all tensioned together with one swing of a tensioning handle. It’s a system that needs to be seen to be believed and can’t be compared to the hassles and time taken to fit traditional truck chains!



Notes to Editors

John Jordan Limited is the sole distributor for AutoSock and Polaire within the UK and the Republic of Ireland. As well as AutoSock and snow chains, the Company specialises in car racks, roof bars and roof boxes, distributing some of the biggest brands in this sector, such as Atera, CRUZ, KAMEI and Yakima, trading as The Roof Box Company.