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19 Apr 2024

London Ambulance Service Chose LapSafe®

Lapsafe Stand: 4/C80
London Ambulance Service Chose LapSafe®

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the London Ambulance Service were in extreme demand; patients were being brought to hospitals in their thousands and callouts were coming in thick and fast. It was during this time the London Ambulance Service had to look at creating a safe and more efficient way of issuing devices to frontline staff.

An area of concern was its time-consuming process of deploying devices to staff at the start of their shift; a manned process that required checking devices in and out manually by a member of staff. This, often created delays, unnecessary queues, and put staff at risk of Covid unnecessarily.

The London Ambulance Service chose to use LapSafe® as a solution to this problem; opting for its self-service Diplomat™ Pro Smart Lockers to deploy devices.

The LapSafe® engineers worked extremely hard to build these lockers and install them across twenty-two of the London stations as promptly as possible, so our frontline workers could access devices quickly 24/7 without staff interaction thus get back to saving lives.

Now benefitting from the Diplomat™ Pro Smart Locker, healthcare professionals can head to a Smart Locker, scan their I.D card at the terminals, and collect fully charged devices at the start of each shift, without the lengthy manned process. This setup has created a seamless, efficient, and flexible system for the team.

Each device is connected to the network, enabling monitoring and updates to be conducted simultaneously and remotely, which in return saves time and improves device management.

As an all-in-one solution, the Diplomat™ Pro also supports, a drop-off and collect service, hot locker solutions, and break/Fit management. Check out our ‘Smart Locker’ page for more details on the array of features available.

We are extremely proud to have been able to support the London Ambulance Service at such a critical time and provide our frontline workers with a stress-free solution.

If you are a healthcare professional looking to improve your services through Smart Lockers, you can find information on our website,