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21 Jun 2024

New Cradlepoint AI Functionality Advances 5G for Business

Cradlepoint UK Stand: 4/B105
AI-driven Cellular Intelligence enhances the manageability and performance of 5G networks

London, United Kingdom — Jan. 30, 2024 — Cradlepoint, the global leader in cloud-delivered LTE and 5G wireless network edge solutions, today announced new comprehensive AI functionality to make 5G networks smarter, simpler, and more secure. Cradlepoint is the first enterprise 5G router vendor to adopt an AI model uniquely focused on cellular networking. Organisations are also able to embrace the productivity benefits of generative AI tools without the risk of data leakage through a security service acquired from Ericom.

Cradlepoint’s AI capabilities include:

  • NetCloud AIOps Dashboard — Simplifies the ongoing operations of enterprise networks leveraging 5G SASE capabilities. The NetCloud AI model aggregates learning into a single dashboard that identifies areas of performance degradation, isolates the cause of the issue, and pinpoints the affected sites, users, and applications. With a unique focus on cellular networking, NetCloud AIOps will turn cellular signal quality indicators, such as proximity to cell tower, signal quality, and signal strength into actionable insights to enhance performance.
  • AI-based NetCloud Assistant (“ANA”) — Uses natural language processing to assist NetCloud users with everyday queries about the operation of their network. From providing recommendations on cellular endpoints for specific use cases, to effectively troubleshooting network performance issues, ANA will be an invaluable assistant to simplify day-to-day operations.
  • Network Traffic Analysis — Provides centralised flow-level visibility for traffic analysis and forensics. This service will evolve later this year to leverage AI to establish a baseline of normal traffic patterns for the most common 5G use cases (distributed IoT, vehicles, sites) and flag any anomalies indicating the signs of a breach.
  • GenAI Data Loss Prevention — With 79% of organisations reporting generative AI adoption without established policies, this solution applies access policies to block confidential data, personally identifiable information, or other sensitive data from being submitted to the generative AI site which can be potentially exposed in future responses. Ericom’s remote browser isolation technology also protects against weaponized responses infecting employee assets.

"As Cradlepoint continues to prioritise innovation, our AI strategy exemplifies our commitment to accelerating the deployment of 5G for businesses by enhancing the visibility, manageability, and performance of the cellular network,” said Donna Johnson, CMO at Cradlepoint. “We are not only making 5G networks smarter, simpler, and more secure for our customers’ IT departments. We are also allowing our customers’ security organisations to take control over how their employees leverage generative AI tools, protecting them from misuse that could lead to a damaging data leak or a malware infection.”

“As a provider of turn-key car wash solutions, our customer success model requires highly reliable and efficient car wash operations,” said Ian Beason, Director of Technology and Innovation at Motor City Wash Works, “Cradlepoint’s new AIOps capabilities will allow our lean IT team to scale with our growing customer base and manage our network more effectively while providing an enhanced level of service to our customers.”

For more information on Cradlepoint’s AI strategy and new offerings, please read more NetCloud’s AI enhancements here or Ericom’s Gen AI Data Loss Prevention solution here.

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