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30 May 2024

Product Launch: . ALS Modular Drugs Bag

Doran Tactical Innovations Stand: 5/P227
Product Launch: .  ALS Modular Drugs Bag
DTI Ltd :ALS Modular Drugs Bag
Introducing the: ALS Modular Drugs Bag

Experience unmatched efficiency and organisation with our cutting-edge Advanced Life Support  Modular Drugs Bag. 


This modular solution is tailored for advanced medical scenarios, ensuring readiness and quick access to vital medications.

Stay prepared for any emergency with this specialised storage system. 

It optimises your workflow and enhances patient care by streamlining medication management and administration.

Invest in the future of emergency care with this innovative modular drugs bag.

Elevate your team's capabilities and provide optimal support to those in need.


  • Can be tailored to your exact requirements
  • Ensures quick access to vital medications
  • Optimise workflow and patient care
  • Modular Design for versatile use
  • Enhances team capabilities in critical situations

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