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19 Apr 2024

How Smart Lockers are Enhancing the Healthcare Sector

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How Smart Lockers are Enhancing the Healthcare Sector

Over the years, LapSafe® has supplied a variety of hospitals, trusts, and ambulance services with Smart Lockers.

Here we share how these self-service solutions have supported their fast-paced, working environments and enhanced their practices. 

Automated Healthcare Devices

As most healthcare documents and patient appointments are now completed digitally, devices are vital for healthcare professionals, whether that be a GP holding an online consultation, a district nurse requiring online access whilst carrying out home visits, or emergency service staff looking for speedy access at the beginning of their shift.

This has increased the demand for devices to be easily accessible, and fully charged.

Smart Lockers provide healthcare professionals with 24/7 access to devices, through an efficient self-service process.  

Devices are stored and charged in volume within the Smart Lockers. When required, devices are quickly deployed via an easy-to-use touch-screen terminal and access is granted with an array of secure identification methods.

This process reduces manpower, increases device security, enhances productivity, and creates a seamless procedure for loaning devices.

Devices can also be connected to the network, enabling monitoring and updates to be conducted simultaneously and remotely.

Automated Healthcare Equipment

Healthcare Professionals can now save time by loaning medical equipment via a Smart Locker. Blood pressure machines, heart monitors, glucose monitors, and much more can be secured inside the Smart Lockers ready for patients to use in a self-service style.

The patient will be directed to a designated Smart Locker, enter their unique security code, and the equipment is free to use. Once the patient has finished with the item, the device can then be returned to the locker ready for the next patient.

Providing patients with a self-service option allows healthcare professionals to use their valuable time more efficiently and allows the patient to gain more control, speed, and privacy.

Securely Exchange Private Documents 

Due to the fast-paced, busy schedule of a healthcare professional, a simple exchange of paperwork can sometimes be challenging and time-consuming. Paperwork can quickly be left within a secure, intelligent locker, ready for administration to collect and file. On the other hand, the administration team can leave any paperwork the healthcare professional may need in the Smart Locker for them to simply collect at the start of their shift.

This process provides a quicker, more organised system whilst adding extra security to confidential documents.

Enhanced Security on Restrictive Medication

Certain controlled drugs have policies in place to ensure they’re locked away more safely and securely.

A Smart Locker provides all the essential requirements to ensure these policies are adhered to; a variety of secure locking methods means these drugs can only be accessed when the user has been given permission.

Permissions can be controlled and granted, through LapSafe®’s unique cloud-based Smart Locker software, ONARKEN®.

Thinking of investing in a Smart Locker?

Visit for more information or to arrange a call with our friendly team, they’ll be able to discuss the best solution for your organisation and provide demonstrations.