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02 Aug 2021

The Enduro® Protect Baselayer

Enduro Protect | Oxford Safety Supplies Stand: 5/L210
Oxford Safety Supplies is a leading manufacturer of high performance workwear and PPE across industries.

After a push to protect firefighters from life-changing cancers, they have developed an innovative head-to-toe solution to protect firefighters from carcinogens, for life.

The risk of exposure to harmful toxins

Meta-analysis of carcinogenic studies have revealed that firefighters have an increased risk of developing several types of cancer (Jakobsen et al, 2020).  One of the factors influencing this is exposure to carcinogenic toxins on their clothes and equipment, according to research shared with the BBC’s Inside Out program. Carcinogens can “diffuse through the material” (National Fire Protection Association, 1971).  Firefighters often store used gear together when returning from a blaze, increasing the risk of contaminating clothing that is worn next to skin with cancerous gases.

Chris Moore, a firefighter with non-Hodgkins lymphoma, commented that he stored his gloves inside his helmet for 25 years, covered in “smoke and soot… toxic and carcinogenic chemicals” – and is now battling cancer of the blood system, which he believes is a direct result.

Specialist high performance wear

                The Enduro® Protect Baselayer from Oxford Safety Supplies meets your team’s need for protection from carcinogens and heat stress.  Made from an ultra-fine knit moisture-managing, fire retardant material you can be confident of 99.99% smoke and particulate blocking.  Professor Anna Stec from the University of Central Lancashire is an expert in fire chemistry and toxicity.  She states that without clothing that offers moisture management, firefighters sweat and dehydrate in hot environments, so the skin absorbs toxins like a “sponge”.

                The layer is comfortable to wear, with elasticated cuffs and an ergonomic fit.  It is machine-washable and highly air permeable for breathability, whilst still protecting against dangerous cancer-causing particles.

The Emergency Services Show

Visit Oxford Safety Supplies / Enduro on Stand D120 at The Emergency Services Show 2023 to view the Enduro® Protect Baselayer.

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