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09 Jun 2020

The FirstLook360 is the next generation of search camera

Vimpex Stand: 5/P260
The FirstLook360 is the next generation of search camera
FL360 Search and Rescue Camera
The FirstLook360 is a purpose build technical rescue imaging device that uses state-of-the-art, custom built software, to create seamless 360 degree view that can be manipulated or shared on a mobile device. It is easy to use, reliable, rugged, has an intuitive interface and no mechanics. The FL360's digital streams broadcast in HD quality and are designed to transmit both wired and/or wirelessly to any android mobile device.

Current economic conditions are driving the Fire & Rescue Service to rethink how technical and rescue operations are conducted, and the resources and equipment needed to achieve successful outcomes.

It's a fact that visual search equipment in use today has advanced minimally since it was first introduced in the 1990s. Any rescuer experienced in the area of technical search can easily point out the weak areas of current visual search cameras; they are heavy, the mechanical articulation of the camera head is prone to damage, quick battery drain, configurations are static, the units are expensive and offer very limited performance. The FL360 offers increased battery power, reduces search time, and is a multipurpose tool ideal for use in a wide range of technical rescue applications.


The FL360 is designed to be a complete multipurpose system, that gives rescuers an imaging device that has additional capabilities which far exceeding the capabilities of single use victim location cameras currently available. Beyond its primary function as a survivor location camera, the portability and connectivity options allow the FL360 to be used for other operational situations; Trench/rope rescue, vehicle extrication, fire inspection/investigation, on-scene recording, hazmat.

The technology developed for the FL360 has many capabilities outside the rescue field for which it was initially designed and identified by users who have seen the camera in action including law enforcement, corrections, border security and vehicle inspections.

An ongoing process of software development and capability enhancement based upon direct customer feedback will increase the capability of the FL360 going forward. Upgrades and additional features will be available to augment an existing camera head capability, and will add a significant forward-looking value proposition over traditional stand alone static search camera systems.
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