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8 Slot Chassis

Wey Technology Ltd Stand: A40

It features one power supply, capable to deliver 9 Amps @12VDC. The power supply is short circuit proved and automatically recovered after fault condition. The 3U housing is optimized for airflow and cooling of the modules. The backplane features 2 fans. The fan control unit mounted on the backplane monitors the speed of each of the two fans and any fault is display by a blinking signal on the LED of the power supplies.
Two 12VDC sockets on the back panel allow the connection of external units, to prevent the excessive use of additional desktop power supplies. The new 8 Slot Chassis 3U Silent control module can display various parameters (i.e. voltage, current, fan rotation speed, power supply overload) over the graphical user interface (GUI) or the 100BaseT Ethernet interface.