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Alpha Beta Probe

Kromek Stand: 5/H154
  • Alpha Beta Probe
  • Alpha Beta Probe
Alpha Beta Probe Alpha Beta Probe

Kromek’s scintillator-based Alpha Beta Probe is an ideal solution for Nuclear security applications, such as wide area scanning and searching for contamination.

The small form factor and ergonomic design of the Probe allows the device to be used comfortably in-hand for extended amounts of time. Its small size also means the probe can easily fit into any scanning location.

A stand-off bracket has also been built into the design, ensuring the probe system is not contaminated by Alpha or Beta particles itself during scans.

Compatible with our ruggedised, medium resolution D5 RIID, this detection duo provides users with comprehensive set of accurate spectral data for secondary adjudications. Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Neutron radiation are all detected efficiently, with readings and graphs rapidly and clearly displayed on the main search mode screen of the D5 RIID.