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26 Aug 2021

Ambulance Care Practice

Class Professional Publishing Stand: 5/F225

It provides a complete overview of the key skills, knowledge and understanding required to work at ambulance associate practitioner level or similar within the ambulance service, covering theoretical aspects and practical application, as well as a range of different clinical procedures and patient populations.


  • Clearly illustrated, step-by-step instructions for a range of essential clinical skills and procedures including how to handle different types of trauma and cardiac arrest​
  • ​Detailed anatomical diagrams to provide the reader with the necessary context to carry out the practical elements of their job ​
  • ​Evidence-based throughout and up-to-date with the latest guidance, policy and research​
  • ​Specific chapters on each area of patient assessment and various patient populations and how to manage these effectively ​
  • ​Chapters relevant to associate practitioner level including drug administration, mental health and end of life care as well as an in-depth chapter on assisting the paramedic.​
  • ​In line with the National Education Network for Ambulance Services standards

The book covers learning objectives from a range of courses offered by ambulance service. It is an essential resource for anyone wanting to prepare themselves for a role within the ambulance service as well as those hoping to become a more effective member of an emergency ambulance crew.