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12 Aug 2022

Atlantic Signal Peltor Comtac 5

Palmyra Communications Stand: 5/G181

Atlantic Signal is the largest reseller of Peltor equipment in the United States and has developed communications ancillaries since 1989. Its development work led to the launch of the Comtac 5, manufactured by Peltor. Atlantic Signal is proud to hold the US Marines Corps Program of Record and  the US Army Program of Record for the supply of Comtac 5 and 6 headsets and associated ancillaries.

The dual comms, single downlead COMTAC V, available exclusively through Atlantic Signal and its authorized distributors, is the NEXT GENERATION tactical circum-aural headset. A new noise canceling, ambidextrous boom microphone, new environmental microphones for enhanced SA, a removable, inter-changeable, over-the-head stainless steel frame. An ARC-Rail helmet mount kit is standard as are gel ear cup seals along with new shielded circuitry and wiring to help prevent cross-talk and RF/EMI Interference . An all new headset down-lead cable connector designs allows for seamless use with both single and dual comm push-to-talks. One of the most exciting new features is the all-new Advanced Voice-Guided Equalizer to help customize the listening experience.

EST Webinar Pop-Up - Electric Vehicles


Electric Vehicles and the Emergency Services: A Three-Part Problem

📅 Thursday 7 December, 14:00 - 14:45

Delve into the evolving landscape of green fleet solutions for emergency services.

As the push towards sustainable practices gains momentum, join us to examine the complex triad of challenges that needs to be addressed: the array of electric vehicle options, the requisite skill sells for fleet maintenance, and the essential charging infrastructure.