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Security Man Stand: 5/F254

Modern pocket ophthalmoscope with Xenon bulb technology. Concentrated bright light for perfect illumination, a brilliant image and accurate color rendering. Fixation star aperture with grey filter for reducing the light intensity. Excellent optics and best color rendering in minimum dimensions, ideal for rounds and house calls. Can be used with the NANOSKOP® & SLIMSKOP® Handle. AUG special optics produce crisp, clear images of the whole area under examination and minimize reflections. 6 different apertures. Its elegant design and classic black color makes the NANOSKOP® a medical instrument that is a pleasure to use day in and day out.



  • 2.5V German Xenon Lamp gives brighter illumination.
  • 6 Different Apertures with 2 coloring options
  • Small Spot: For reduced reflection with small pupils.
  • Large Spot: For normal fundoscopy.
  • Semi-Circle: For reduced reflection with small pupils.
  • Fixation Star: For determination of central or eccentric fixation, suitable for examining children.
  • Green or Blue Filter: For contrast enhancement when assessing six vascular disorders.
  • Slit or Streak: Helpful in determining various levels of lesions, particularly tumors and edematous disc.
  • Color coded lens for excellent resolution
  • Operated with 2 x AA size Batteries.
  • In Cloth Pouch.
  • Also available in hard plastic case with spare lamp.
  • 20000 On Off Switch Cycle.
  • Easy replacement of bulb.


  •  5 Year Warranty
  •  User Handy
  •  Maintenance Free