12 Aug 2022


Badge Design Stand: L132
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Embroidered badges are made by embroidering thread directly onto fabric, usually cotton drill.This is the traditional way of making badges and gives the badge a raised/textured finish.

Printed badges are great option if you are on a budget. They are cheaper to produce than embroidered badges as well as being able to capture fine detail and small text, which may get distorted and blurred when embroidered.Sublimation printed badges Great value for money in mass production. This process is when the image is transferred directly & dyed into the fabric itself using fabric that has at least 50% polyester. Dye sublimation will guarantee no cracking, fading or peeling because its dyed fabric so is completely weather proof.

Digital printed badges Great for producing sharp vivid colour prints, this is a printed image that is then applied to fabric &  backing, usually cotton drill. Digital printed badges aren't built for withstanding constant weather changes and may fade after long periods in the rain or repeated wash cycles.