BeneHeart C Series

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  • BeneHeart C Series
  • BeneHeart C Series
  • BeneHeart C Series
BeneHeart C Series BeneHeart C Series BeneHeart C Series

Smart and Easy

BeneHeart C Series knows what a first-time rescuer needs, and provides the smart ResQNaviTM technology to guide you through the tense rescue process step by step with animation coaching and voice prompts. The proficiency of a rescuer can be determined, according to the time spent at each step, with appropriate guidance and encouragement to help you save lives with confidence.

Fast and Powerful

The defibrillation success rate drops in second. Thanks to the new QShockTM technology that enables the first shock to be delivered in less than 8 seconds, the BeneHeart C Series is able to increase the chance of successful defibrillation, and help rescuers save every second to save lives. The QShockTM technology shortens the ECG analysis time to only 5 seconds with pre-charging completed synchronously, so that no extra time is needed for charging.

Higher Energy

Higher energy for subsequent shocks is recommend to increase the termination rates of refibrillation in the 2015 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC, and the ERC Guidelines for Resuscitation 2015. BeneHeart C Series features the 360J biphasic technology, meeting the needs of individual SCA patients.

Reliable and Durable

Reliable AED : Rigorously tested, BeneHeart C Series has been rated with 1.5-meter drop endurance and IP55 level of dust and water resistance, giving the confidence of addressing different challenges in various demanding environments.


With the flexible network connection solution, the integrated AED-Alert™ System provides a quick and efficient way to remotely manage AEDs and reduces your management cost.

Device status information

  • AED self-test results & log review
  • 4G connection status
  • Map and photo overview of the installation locations
  • Device and configuration information

Rescue alert and records

  • Automatic alerts when an AED is being used
  • Review rescue operation data

Geo-location alerts

  • Alert when AEDs are moved outside of predetermined geo-location

Accessory lifecycle management

  • Prioritised notifications of pads expiration and battery capacity
  • Automatically register new replacement items