Blue Ocean Megaphone

Richard Paul Russell Stand: C94
  • Blue Ocean Megaphone
  • Blue Ocean Megaphone
  • Blue Ocean Megaphone
Blue Ocean Megaphone Blue Ocean Megaphone Blue Ocean Megaphone

The Blue Ocean Megaphone is essential for those spending time working or training on the water. Marine police, military training groups, sailing coaches, rowing coaches and others all depend on a waterproof, drop-safe Blue Ocean megaphone that delivers crystal clear sound making it easy to be heard in any conditions.


• Cracking Horn - Blue Ocean Megaphone uses a highly impact resistant plastic wrapped with super comfort handles maximizing grip and protection
• Hit Megaphone Multiple Times To Operate - Built with a high quality digital amplifier and carefully sealed components preventing wiring shortages
• Water Getting In Megaphone - The Blue Ocean Megaphone is completely waterproof
• Muffled Distorted Sounds - The high quality digital amplifier delivers a crystal clear high quality sound
• Sound Too Quiet - The digital amplifier allows for loud and long range amplification
• Megaphone Too Heavy - The Blue Ocean Megaphone has no bulky batteries and comes with a super light rechargeable battery pack, minimising weight
• Battery Cost High - The Blue Ocean Megaphone's rechargeable batteries keep costs low
• Battery Door Breaks - A simple twist in battery housing removes need for battery door
• Microphone - Location at the top of the unit allows for clear sight above the megaphone while speaking into it
• Protective Bumper - Adds in shock absorption and protection. Great at protecting when horn is places face down
• Wrap-around Handles - For an easy and comfortable grip
• Microphone Connector - If you own a Cox Box, it uses the same connector
• Siren/Horn Button - Loud alerts to grab people's attention from a distance
• Rechargeable Battery - Removable and compact, it eliminates the hassle of replacing multiple batteries, wasting money each year
• Battery Lock - Ensures your battery will stay locked in place no matter how you use your megaphone
• Volume & Power - Large dial and convenient location makes for easy adjustments
• Optimal Shape - Designed to deliver the loudest, clearest sound


• Waterproof & Floats
• Very Drop Resistant
• Bounces without Breaking
• Meets MIL-STD-810G Transit Shock Standard
• Extremely loud
• Clear sound
• Long-lasting battery
• Durable
• Built to Last
• Five-year warranty


• The Blue Ocean Rugged Megaphone is available in White & Blue or Military Green & Tan

Typical applications

• Coaches
    • Rowing
    • Swimming
    • Sailboat racing
    • Youth sports
    • Kayaking
• Military Police
• Fire-fighters
• Coastguard
• Harbour management

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