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07 Aug 2023

compact power stretcher (CPS) system

Stollenwerk Stand: 5/G170
  • compact power stretcher (CPS) system
  • compact power stretcher (CPS) system
  • compact power stretcher (CPS) system
compact power stretcher (CPS) system compact power stretcher (CPS) system compact power stretcher (CPS) system
  • One-of-a-kind user-interface, maximum visibility and illuminance
  • Capable of carrying weights of up to 705 pounds and lifting support; fine-tunable controls
  • Side LED warning and signal lights and two-stage high-power LED front lights with surround illumination lighting
  • Safe recognition of driving and loading heights with push-button programming
  • Full color display showing all important information
  • Li-ion battery with outstanding battery life
  • Secure, low-radiation USB interface for reading and checking the stretcher
  • Patented design makes the stretcher extremely compact -can be shortened to a minimum of 49 inches
  • Four rotating, fully lockable, off-road, shock-absorbing wheels - with close to 8 inches of ground clearance for overcoming obstacles
  • Maximum wheel track for increased tipping stability
  • Stretcher area can be extended to above 86 inches
  • Integrated widening of the lying area from 20 to 33 inches
  • Allows for cardioprotective positioning through lowering of the patient's legs, even while being transported in a vehicle
  • Active patient positioning with integrated electro-hydraulic suspension that adaptively adjusts to the patient's weight
  • Automatic lowering of the loading unit in the loading and unloading position
  • Optimal treatment height in the vehicle
  • Lockable for CPR measures at ideal working height
  • Transverse displacement to the left and right for flexible patient care
  • Automatic charging of the stretcher via the loading unit
  • Extended loading corridor when the vehicle is tilted towards the longitudinal and transverse axis
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