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Complete Response Bag

CorrMed Limited Stand: 5/F224
  • Complete Response Bag
  • Complete Response Bag
Complete Response Bag Complete Response Bag

The ‘Big Daddy’, for when everything is needed in one bag.

• Specially designed Airways and Cannulation pouch.

• External and internal quick access to sharps bin and diagnostics pouch.

• Includes 8 pouches and a kneeling mat.

• Lightweight at 7.4kg including all pouches.

• Includes space for CD cylinder.

• Hardcase outer bag improves strength and protects from overfilling


"At last, we have a bag that is fit for purpose for equipment layout,
weight and size as well as the increasingly important infection control. The National Response bag is a game changer for the UK paramedic teams. As front-line paramedics we have needed a bag like this for many years." Tim Stokes-Richardson, Head of Clinical Operations