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Connected Fleet

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  • Connected Fleet
Connected Fleet Connected Fleet

Driving ‘Hybrid Connectivity’ to Underpin Digital Transformation

As digital transformation progresses, Excelerate is supporting a number of Police, Ambulance and Fire and Rescue Service customers with scalable and reliable connected fleet solutions. This enables both paramedics and firefighters and other responders first on scene guaranteed access to the internet with the ability to automatically deploy additional levels of resilience should it be required.

What is Hybrid Connectivity?

To achieve a consistent, reliable internet connection onboard a vehicle it will need to utilise multiple networks, also known as hybrid connectivity. Hybrid connectivity allows the end user and on-board devices to connect to the internet over cellular, satellite WIFI, WAN or any other bearer that is available. Having the load spread across multiple connections maximises the available speed, bandwidth and throughput whilst ensuring no single point of failure. Therefore, if a network becomes congested or unavailable the vehicle will remain connected for enhanced resilience and added redundancy.