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corpuls 1

Corpuls Stand: 5/F190

Small, light and compact, but all the power of corpuls3, its big brother. The corpuls1 is specially designed for the requirements of fire services, first responders, ambulance services, medical practices and catastrophe response. An extremely compact but fully functional defibrillator/patient monitor that is always ready for use.


The greatest advantage: its low weight. The corpuls1 weighs only 2.3 kg but it is still a fully functional patient monitor.


The transflective 5.7’’ display shows optimal views of up to 3 curves and 4 vital parameters. 

As with the corpuls3, the intuitive user interface is simple to operate. ECG, heart rate and pulse oximetry (optional) are always visible.


Depending on the application, corpuls1 can be used as an automated external defibrillator (AED) or in the manual defibrillation mode. corPatch CPR* provides information about the quality of the manual resuscitation. The quality of the compression is shown in a bar chart. The quantitative quality is shown as compression frequency per minute. corPatch CPR* offers additional audio-visual support for a manual resuscitation. In addition, the corpuls1 can optionally be equipped with a transcutaneous pacer with the FIX/DEMAND modes for the treatment off cardiac arrhythmia.