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CPR machine

Veric Biomedical Technology Stand: 5/C257
  • CPR machine
  • CPR machine
CPR machine CPR machine

The leading electric and electronic control technology, high-quality precision chest compression.

 Press frequency and depth of pressing are precise and not affected by the patient's chest reaction,provides a variety of press ventilation mode and depth of pressing for selection.

 Patented dual battery powered system,can replace the backup battery without shutting down when working.

 Patented technology for precise pressing,can reduce the probability of breastbone fracture for patient.

 Bluetooth connectivity, CPR and ventilation at the same time,automatic pressing and ventilation.

 Without weight limitations, can adapt to the majority of patients.

 Easy installation and operation,can be quickly put into to emergency.

 With portable backpack, small size, easy to carry, the gross weight is less than 6.5kg.