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06 Sep 2023

Crib Gogh ROGUE LE Plate Carrier

Thomas Jacks Ltd Stand: 5/L172
  • Crib Gogh ROGUE LE Plate Carrier
  • Crib Gogh ROGUE LE Plate Carrier
Crib Gogh ROGUE LE Plate Carrier Crib Gogh ROGUE LE Plate Carrier

The Crib Gogh ROGUE LE system  has been specifically designed to offer a unisex armour solution for first responders that maximises protection, maximises comfort, reduces weight and ensures user mobility, agility and articulation enabling the user to move at speed and, where necessary, shoulder a weapon and acquire a target from any position including kneeling and prone.

ROGUE LE also provides inherent positive buoyancy allowing the user to swim in littoral waters without the need for additional buoyancy when integrated with Point Blank Enterprises/ United Shield’s neutral buoyancy soft and hard armour. This offers an additional level of protection for any first responder deployed with the ROGUE LE body armour system.

The ROGUE LE system is made up of four components, the ROGUE LE Carrier (front and back), two side panels, soft armour panels for front back and side panels and hard armour plates for front and back. To maximise the sizing demographic, the ROGUE LE Carrier is available in Standard, Wide Body and Long Body options and in five sizes: Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large. The side panels are available in 5 sizes: Extra Small/Small/Medium/Large and Extra Large. This modularity should offer sizing for 97% of deployed operators, no matter their gender. The ROGUE LE side panels have been extended to a height of 180mm at the request of DSTL (the current approval body – previously CAST) to ensure the maximum protective coverage particularly against knife attack when grappling an assailant whilst ensuring that it does not impinge arm movement or agility. The HO 2017 certified United Shield International BH2K1 (HO2/KR1) soft armour panels are sized to fit the different carrier side panel options. There is continuous 360 degree coverage thanks to an overlap between the side panels and front/rear panel of the carrier. The ROGUE LE protection system is completed with the fitting of two United Shield International M100UK2 hard armour plates. The ROGUE LE is an In Conjunction With (ICW) solution with the combined BH2K1 and M100UK2 armour solutions offering HO3, SG1 and Federal Tactical Bonded 5.56x45 protection levels and is accredited by the Home Office under Body Armour Standard 012/17. The M100UK2 hard plates are supplied in one size/shape (300x250mm) and have been certified to meet all required Home Office standards in terms of coverage for the main organs.

With the ROGUE LE's unisex design, the soft and hard armour is held away from the body by its specially designed padding system. This distributes the load across the muscular-skeletal chassis, sharing the burden on the male or female operator’s chest/bust, shoulders and back muscles and skeletal chassis. The ROGUE LE padding works with a female operator’s sports bra and is designed to encapsulate the breast. It provides a high level of comfort, improved cooling and improved cushioning if shot by reducing the stress and BFS (Reduced back face deformation if shot - typically from 20mm for the approved plates/soft armour to <10mm in the TSS, enabling higher survival rates by enabling the user to get back into the fight earlier). The Torso Sub System also has a higher side panel depth than standard carriers which assists in retaining the side of the mammary mass holding this firm when articulating or grappling with a criminal, whilst, at the same time, increasing the protective coverage from ballistic and knife attacks.

ROGUE LE has Padded shoulder straps with additional padding for the chest and back and has been designed in-conjunction with the Royal College of Physicians (the only system that has, so far as we are aware) to reduce the load that the carrier transmits through the user’s spine (which has historically led to long-term back issues with multiple in-service plate carriers especially across the armed LE community). ROGUE LE’s pads help mitigate the load carriage/comfort issues inherent in body armour design. The ROGUE LE has allowed some firearms officers with severe back issues to become fully operational again (some have been off duty for long periods due to the severity of their back issues), again attesting to the systems comfort and support for the complete pool of officers. 

MOLLE strips feature on the front, back and side panels with large loop panels front and back to take identification patches. An optional ROGUE LE Hip Belt provides an equipment belt which shifts some of the load carriage on to the hips, maximises carry options and allows the addition of low-profile equipment pouches and articulated handgun holsters with/without leg straps. The Hip Belt is released via two high strength quick detach buckles. A third QD buckle on the back keeps it attached to the ROGUE LE carrier.


Meet the team from Crib Gogh/United Shield on the Thomas Jacks stand - Hall 5 - Stand E118.