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D-Series Body Cameras

Reveal Media Stand: 4/B142
  • D-Series Body Cameras
  • D-Series Body Cameras
  • D-Series Body Cameras
D-Series Body Cameras D-Series Body Cameras D-Series Body Cameras

Reveal body-worn cameras are straightforward to use, but they are also designed to be products that users are proud to wear.

The D-Series is built on Reveals fundamental philosophies but with a host of new features, it is best in its class across video quality, battery life, functionality and ease of use.  


Front Facing Screen

This signature Reveal feature has a proven calming effect on those being recorded while maximising transparency with the public. When required, the front-facing screen can be set to "stealth mode" and also used to view footage in the field without a smartphone or PC connected.

Articulated Camera Head

Directing the head allows the camera to be worn in various ways on people of all shapes and sizes without implicating the field of vision.
The camera's versatility means it can also be used in a vehicle, as an interview recorder, a handheld camera, or head mounted on a helmet or cap.

14-Hour Record Time

Working closely with the chipset manufacturers, we have used the latest camera technology and power management techniques to optimise the electronics for full-shift battery life.*

*12-hour battery – footage recorded at 720p, with a screen on. *14-hour battery – footage recorded at 480p, with the screen off. *excludes GPS, WiFi, 3G/4G.

One touch record

Having a single, quick and simple action to turn the camera on has always been an essential feature in our body cameras. Our intuitive red sliding switch is a positive action that confirms activation by the physical position change on the camera and is easy to operate for officers on the go. 

Benefits of front facing body-worn camera’s

Increased transparency – Front facing screen displays footage in real-time as it is being recorded, demonstrating openness and transparency in conduct to the person being recorded.

Building community trust – Allowing the public to see what is being recorded creates an open relationship that helps to build trust. People see it, understand that they are being recorded and moderate their behaviour accordingly.

De-escalating violence and aggression – Font-facing screens can help to de-escalate and prevent aggression to the user. An awareness that a camera is rolling generally improves the conduct of both sides of an encounter. Front-facing body cameras act as an unbiased ‘independent witness’ providing back up for users in a contentious situations.

Reducing the use of force incidents – An awareness that a camera is rolling improves the conduct of both sides of an encounter.

Displaying the users point of view – Body cameras with front-facing displays record the users point of view and improves user safety while de-escalating confrontational situations.

Allowing quick and easy playback – With a front-facing screen, it is easy to playback and review footage in the field.