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Data Loggers Data Loggers Data Loggers

Designed for applications where direct ethernet connection to the local area network is available. Particularly used in situations where Wi-Fi is unreliable or in safety critical application. Some of these SpaceLoggers (the D100 and S100) allow the data to be viewed only on your own secure local area network and the others (the S100C and W100) use Cloud data storage to provide remote viewing on any internet connected device.

Designed for applications where data does not need to be viewed in real-time, but can be logged and when appropriate manually transferred from the SpaceLogger's SD card to a PC or laptop. Particularly used in situations where wired LAN connection or Wi-Fi is either unavailable or undesirable to use. These SpaceLoggers are compact, economical and robust with low power consumption. The A10, S10 and T10 are generic SpaceLoggers with extensive capability for application specific configuration, the D10 and W10 have been designed for particular industry applications.


For more information for specific application, read through our case studies here:

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