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01 Apr 2022

Decision Making in Paramedic Practice

Class Professional Publishing Stand: 5/F225

Decision making is a key process in healthcare – good decision making reduces clinical risk and improves outcomes for patients, but it can be a difficult skill to navigate. Exploring the role of the modern paramedic as a critical thinker, this text offers a unique perspective on clinical decision making. Highlighting important aspects such as the balance between intuition and experience as well as professional issues, Decision Making in Paramedic Practice is essential reading whether you are a student, newly qualified, or undertaking continuing professional development.

This new edition includes:

  • Five case studies, and chapters with scenarios and real-life examples
  • Practice tips and checklists, and reflective exercises at the end of every chapter
  • The latest theory, evidence and research
  • Discussion on how to deal with dilemmas in practice.

Note: Previous edition 9781859596418