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DEMS 360

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DEMS 360 DEMS 360

Dems 360 allows you to manage all media types and your body-worn video estate, DEMS 360 supports all video, image, audio and document files from a host of different sources including visual interview recorders, ANPR cameras ect. Footage from Reveal cameras can also be automatically uploaded directly to DEMS 360. 


Fully hosted in the cloud 

Storing data in the cloud means all your digital evidence is accessible wherever you need it to be. 

All your evidence 

Keeping everything together in one place just makes sense. You can create case support folders and group related files together; whether that’s body camera footage, dash camera footage, an audio file or a PDF.

Simple to manage 

All Your Evidence

Upload all of your digital evidence including video, audio and documentation into a single, secure platform.

Manage from anywhere

You can securely access your evidence on DEMS 360 wherever you are from your web browser. View, upload and manage your digital evidence anywhere.

Value without compromise

Every department should have access to the best digital evidence management software with the latest features, and not be held back by contracts with out-of-control costs

Securely Share

Securely send individual files or cases to anybody who needs to view them, and control how long they have access to it.

Automated Redaction

Powerful, automated redaction tools are built in to protect sensitive footage, evidential integrity, saving you time and money.

Case Support

Group all files relating to a case together, making it simpler and quicker to search or share files, plus many more.

DEMS 360 comes with all the features you’d expect in an advanced evidence management software.


The automated redaction tool recognises and selects faces from the body camera footage, enabling officers to efficiently obscure faces as needed. It can also be used to redact audio, license plates or any other private information with a few clicks.

Security and privacy 

DEMS 360 keeps all your evidence totally secure through industry leading encryption, access restriction and storage infrastructure. 

Hosted anywhere. Access everywhere.

Deployed On-Prem or within a Reveal managed Microsoft Azure Cloud environment. The solution is scalable with unlimited users and storage to grow with your project without impacting performance.

You can choose to have your DEMS 360 instance hosted on premises or on our secure cloud server.

When stored on the cloud, DEMS 360 is available on the web, so you can securely log in on any device with internet, which means all your digital evidence is accessible wherever you need it to be - at the station, in the field or in court.

Because it’s stored on data centers that meet or exceed Tier 4 requirements, you can be sure that your evidence is hosted on world class infrastructure.


Access to Data and functionality is controlled via User Authentication and Permissions with a complete audit log of system activity. All Data is protected and set to be retained in line with your policies. DEMS 360 is built within the scope of ISO27001, with PEN testing to ensure data security.

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