12 Aug 2022


Badge Design Stand: L132
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Epaulettes Epaulettes

Epaulettes and sliders give the wearer identity and distinction as well as an opportunity to raise your brand.

We are the leading UK manufacturer of embroidered epaulettes. As we make them ourselves, there is no minimum quantity, so a sampling service is available, lead times can be based around your requirements and whatever the design you require we can provide it.

The variety of epaulettes is extremely wide, but because we manufacture and have many years experience, we can adapt our designs to meet your requirements.

Printed Epaulettes/Sliders

We can provide printed logo's and text for epaulettes and sliders in any colour.

Embroidered Epaulettes/Sliders

Whether its serial numbers for the police, a job role or a crest, we can make as sliders or with button and buttonhole and we can use specialist embroidery thread, if required, e.g. metallic.