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Expert 115mm Diamond Metal Wheel X-LOCK Cutting Discs (2608900532)

Bosch UK Stand: 5/J183

The Expert Diamond Metal Wheel uses Bosch Diamond Technology, which means optimum quality diamond grits fixed to a steel body. This super-hard edge lasts many times longer than even the best bonded discs and can cut a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals with ease. It doesn’t shatter if dropped, produces no chemical smell or extra dust during cutting and maintains a constant cutting depth and speed throughout its long life. For tradespeople and construction workers who are fed up with burning through bonded discs and money, the Bosch Expert Diamond Metal Wheel X-LOCK Diamond Disc offers a whole new way of cutting metal. Click it on with X-LOCK – the fastest accessory-changing system on the market. Also fits nut and thread angle grinders