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Expert ‘Vehicle Rescue’ S 957 CHM Reciprocating Saw Blades (2608900378)

The Expert ‘Vehicle Rescue’ is designed for this crucial task. As well as having ultra-hard carbide in its teeth, this vehicle demolition Expert has a special tip design that allows the blade to plunge cut into sheet metal. This is used in typical rescue methods such as cutting an extra door or accessing passengers through the roof. The short S957CHM version is ideal for removing windshields, while the longer S1157CHM is designed for cutting A, B and C columns made of reinforced steel. Built with Bosch Carbide Technology, the Bosch Expert ‘Vehicle Rescue’ Reciprocating Saw Blade cuts modern vehicles fast and reliably – and helps you save lives. Fits all S-shank reciprocating saws sometimes called sabre saws or demolition saws.