Expert ‘Window Demolition’ S 956 DHM Reciprocating Saw Blades (2608900385)

The Bosch Expert ‘Window Demolition’ Reciprocating Saw Blade is a window demolition blade for the modern era. Backed by Bosch Carbide Technology, its teeth tear through the toughest, strongest fixing screws – and survive to do it again. The short length, tapered tip and side set carbide teeth are all designed with the specific task in mind: this is our specialist for windows and doors – whether they are wood, plastic or composite. By combining longevity, efficiency and the sheer ability to get any window or door demolition job done, the Bosch Expert ‘Window Demolition’ Reciprocating Saw Blade is a firm favourite with window fitters. It even withstands contact with masonry, mortar and plaster. Fits all S-shank reciprocating saws sometimes called sabre saws or demolition saws

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