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07 Jul 2023

Firefly Fire Pumps

Firefly Fire Pumps Stand: 5/E180
  • Firefly Fire Pumps
  • Firefly Fire Pumps
  • Firefly Fire Pumps
Firefly Fire Pumps Firefly Fire Pumps Firefly Fire Pumps

Since 1958 mastered the art of manufacturing superior quality Made in India Fire Pumps to fulfil the demand of Global requirement of the Fire Fighting fraternity.

Firefly offers superior quality efficient pump solutions:

A) Portable Fire Fighting Pumps: These pumps play a crucial role in the initial stages of firefighting, serving as first-aid fire pumps and supporting as a plug-and-play model.

B) Vehicle Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps: Designed to deliver the necessary pressure and flow of water or foam, these pumps are essential tools for firefighting operations.

C) Trailer Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps: Ideal for combating strong fires for an extended period, these pumps are suitable for remote areas where water resources are available, but a hydrant network is not present.

D) Skid Mounted Fire Fighting Pumps: With their compact size and high performance, skid-mounted pumps meet the demands for high flow and pressure.

E) Power Take Off (Fire Hawk PTO): This system provides additional support by transmitting power when the fire truck is in motion. It is easily mountable and interchangeable between the engine and truck transmission.

F) Nozzles: Firefly offers a range of nozzles that provide precise control over the flow, direction, and velocity of water or foam, aiding firefighters in their operations.

Firefly Fire holds several notable achievements in the industry:

  • First Asian company to receive UL classification for Make in India pumps with internationally accepted quality standards.
  • First Indian brand to manufacture truck fire pumps with an electromagnetic clutch priming system.
  • First Indian company to develop a 1300 LPM gasoline portable pump.
  • First Indian pump to be used on airport crash tenders at Indian airports.
  • First Indian fire pump manufacturer to have a SCADA test setup.

The company adheres to global standards and holds the following certifications:

  • CE Certified according to EN 1028 Standard
  • UL Classified confirming to NFPA 1901

Firefly Fire Pumps is committed to providing excellent after-sales service, ensuring round-the-clock on-field support for its customers globally. Our rapid service support ensures smooth operations of the pumps and thus wins the hearts of our stakeholders, dealers, and end users.