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  • Foam Sealing Systems
Foam Sealing Systems Foam Sealing Systems

Robafoam are specialists in the field of 1K foam sealing. Working exclusively in the UK and Ireland with CeraCon technology. Using our expertise, we design and manufacture entire foam sealing systems, tailoring these for all application types such as automotive sealing, lighting sealing and more.

The 1K foam sealing technology converts a single part material into a foam structure, by mechanically adding air (or chosen gas). The chosen level of air entrainment enables a wide range of hardness to be selected.

Designed to work with many materials, including CeraPUR, to create closed cell foam. Our technology produces a liquid foam seal which is applied direct to customer components. This unique system requires no in-process purging and has been measured at over 98% availability.

Our team of engineers are on hand to ensure successful installation and ongoing technical support with all systems in the field.

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