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Gecko Duo Dash Mount

Redtronic Stand: 5/F170
  • Gecko Duo Dash Mount
  • Gecko Duo Dash Mount
  • Gecko Duo Dash Mount
Gecko Duo Dash Mount Gecko Duo Dash Mount Gecko Duo Dash Mount

The Redtronic Gecko Duo Dash Mount (""Gecko DDM"") is a slim, powerful and compact unit primary mounted at the base of the vehicle windscreen to provide an additional front facing warning signal.

The Gecko DDM is ideal for marked or covert emergency vehicles and utilises 2 x of our popular and quality proven Gecko horizontal lamps within its visor enclosure meaning it's not only intense, but very wide angle. The Gecko DDM can also be used in non-Emergency vehicles with Amber LED's for Amber warning vehicles. It is available in the usual single colours as well as a split colour option.

It comes equipped with a specialised automotive die cut adhesive pad which can bond the visor directly to the windscreen along with the side mounted suction cups. Also included in the kit is an isopropyl wipe which will ensure the window is free of dirt or grease prior to application. The lamps are super bright, wide angle plug and play and therefore extremely maintenance friendly.

The enclosure visor prevents light reflecting into the vehicle cab reducing the possibility of dazzling the driver or any passengers. Standard models offer either a hardwired cable or a multi-function cigarette plug allowing the user to cycle through the various flash patterns.

The Gecko Duo Dash Mount comes with a 2 year warranty.