Gecko Stealth Plate

Redtronic Ltd Stand: P70
  • Gecko Stealth Plate
  • Gecko Stealth Plate
  • Gecko Stealth Plate
Gecko Stealth Plate Gecko Stealth Plate Gecko Stealth Plate

Redtronic's GECKO Stealth Plate is an innovative industry first number plate & directional LED hybrid product introduced to allow for additional light to emit from the front of a vehicle. Primarily serving the Emergency market and to suit the many different shapes on the front of vehicles, the Gecko Stealth Plate was designed with this in mind for an all in one solution consisting of two of our powerful R65 Class II approved Gecko 6's that are IP69K rated to complete the externally mounted ultra-flexible strong rubber Stealth Plate which results in a market leading product being born.

The Gecko Stealth Plate can be used on any vehicle, serving the Emergency and Amber Safety vehicles as our standard colour offering include the standard Red, Blue and Amber whilst also offering Split Colour variants to cater for not just the UK, but also International needs.

Consisting of wide-angle & intense Gecko Optics and our Ultra-bright latest generation LED's combined with a foundation of ultra-strong flexible rubber, it is difficult to not mistake the Gecko Stealth Plate for a rigid product producing an exquisite finish to any vehicle.

The Redtronic Gecko Stealth Plate comes with a 2-year warranty.