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Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System

Davies Sports Stand: 5/H160
  • Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System
  • Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System
Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System

The Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System is ideal for any fully commercial establishments whereby space is a premium through to PT Studios and also high-end home gyms.

Perfect for a wide variety of users as the Rhino Pro can be used to perform over 100’s of different exercises to ensure a full-body workout tailored to the user’s individual preferences.

  • Cable Crossover / Dual Adjustable Pulley - 2 x separate 77kg weight stacks and a 1:2 cable ratio with a super smooth adjustment mechanism. 32 x height positions.
  • Smith Machine - Commercial grade Smith Machine featuring high-quality linear bearings complete with the safety support mechanism for individual usage.
  • Half Power Rack - Maximum user weight of 250kg the J-hooks and spotting arms are coated in a Polymer layer to protect the knurling of your barbells.

The Gym Gear Rhino Pro Strength System comes complete with a range of cable attachments that can be stored on the integrated hooks as part of the rear support bar. 6 x weight plate horns ensure that all of your Olympic weight plates can be stored neatly when not in use. The vertical Olympic Bar holder at the rear of the machine is also ideal for storage.

Included Attachments

  • Canvas Stirrup Handle Attachments (Pair)
  • 50cm Straight Bar Attachment
  • Ankle Strap Attachment
  • Tricep Press down Rope Attachment
  • Lat Pulldown Bar (Aluminium)
  • Knee Support Pads
  • Dipping Arm
  • Foot Support Bar
  • Landmine Core Trainer
  • Vertical Olympic Bar Holder
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