HawkStar and HawkStar-X

Nightsearcher Ltd Stand: F32
  • HawkStar and HawkStar-X
  • HawkStar and HawkStar-X
  • HawkStar and HawkStar-X
HawkStar and HawkStar-X HawkStar and HawkStar-X HawkStar and HawkStar-X

The HawkStar and HawkStar-X professional rechargeable LED searchlights have been designed and engineered by NightSearcher to satisfy the high standard requirements of Emergency Services, Search & Rescue teams, and Industrial sectors. Utilising high lumen output LEDs and specially designed reflectors with optics, both the HawkStar-X and its lower-power version, the HawkStar, offer wide and narrow light beam control, making them ideal for long-distance searching or floodlighting wider areas.

The searchlight and cradle assembly were designed and tested to withstand a car crash. It passed tests undamaged and worked perfectly when crash-tested at 70mph by the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators.

Due to the secure-fit cradle, the HawkStar and HawkStar-X are ideal for vehicle storage for quick and easy deployment.

Key features:

  • Up to 4200 lumens and 600 metre light beam
  • Dual-beam optics - spot beam for long-distance and flood beam for area lighting
  • Multiple brightness levels and dimmable
  • Rechargeable - 2 battery choices available depending on runtime and light output requirements - HawkStar (6.6Ah Li-ion, up to 6.5 hours runtime) and HawkStar-X (10.2Ah Li-ion, up to 7.5 hours runtime)
  • Battery status and charging indicator
  • Supplied with a quick-release charging cradle for fast and easy deployment – wall and vehicle mountable
  • IP67 level protection
  • Crash tested in charging cradle at 70mph
  • Features adjustable stand (for floodlighting a wider area)

Supplied with vehicle charger (optional AC mains charger and shoulder strap available).