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IGOS Enclosure

HITEK Electronic Materials Stand: 4/H55
  • IGOS Enclosure
  • IGOS Enclosure
IGOS Enclosure IGOS Enclosure

This portable rigid shielded box allows digital forensic inspection of electronic equipment out in the field. This lightweight shielded enclosure is lined with microwave absorbent materials and has a shielded door seal to avoid any mobile signals leaking in or out. 

On top of this it has conductive textile gloves that allows the interrogation of the device while sealed in the enclosure and a camera inside the box so that you can inspect the device and screen during the operation. The digital images can then be recorded for evidential purposes. 

All cables/ externalconnections to the IGOS enclosure are filtered to elimate any chances of cables acting as unintentional antennae that could lead to reconnection to the mobile network.