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23 Aug 2023

Incident Command

Speedings Ltd Stand: 5/C160

❗Introducing our brand new UK Design Registered Bolero jackets❗

The jackets can be purchased as a set stored in a PVC Bag or can be purchased as an individual item.

Each jacket comes with it’s own battery and a full set includes:

-Command support

-Incident commander

-Safety officer

-Sector commander

-Tactical advisor

This is what Rob Hammal had to say about his Bolero Glow Jackets:

“Yesterday was crazy! I drove for nearly 9 hours (including car charging ) to drop the first trial set of our Bolero Glow Surcoats at Cornwall. The team down there seemed really impressed with the concept and kit. So much so that when they had to all dash out for a fire, they came back to collect the surcoats with them. In nearly 28 years at Speeding’s that the quickest I ever seen a trial begin!”