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27 Jul 2023

Integrated Modular Systems

Haztec International Stand: 5/A174
  • Integrated Modular Systems
  • Integrated Modular Systems
Integrated Modular Systems Integrated Modular Systems

The range consists of a corner module plus a choice of short and long inner modules. Each module can be used on its own or attached to other modules to produce a very wide variety of different shapes and lengths. Each module incorporates a strong metal base that screws securely to the other modules, allowing installers to easily create a strong single assembly that can be customised to suit differing vehicle needs.

Dual colour modules provide dual colour warning lighting functions, or single colour warning lights with integrated alley/scene lighting. An angled-down short scene light module is also available that can be used standalone or linked as part of an assembly.

The complete assembly can be easily connected to Haztec flash controllers or more advanced switching systems for synchronisation control, arrow patterns, cruise and high/low power modes, and siren/PA functions.