12 Sep 2022

Kestrel handheld weather stations

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  • Kestrel handheld weather stations
  • Kestrel handheld weather stations
Kestrel handheld weather stations Kestrel handheld weather stations

The Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Tracker is a complete weather instrument, offering all the features of the Kestrel 5000 with instant and accurate measurement of wind speed, temperature, humidity and barometric pressure and numerous other derived functions.In addition, the Kestrel 5500 has a built-in digital compass. This allows you to track and log wind direction as well as wind speed. The wind direction is displayed in degrees and cardinal compass points. This makes the Kestrel 5500 the required model for HAZMAT workers, flight crews and military personnel as well as paragliders, flying enthusiasts and kite boarders who need to understand the impact of crosswind, headwind and tailwind.By setting a reference target or runway heading, the Kestrel 5500 will automatically calculate crosswind, headwind and tailwind when measuring the wind speed. The digital compass can also be used to display forward heading with reference to either magnetic or true north.

The Kestrel 5500FW is a complete handheld replacement for a traditional firefighter's belt weather kit. It includes PIG (probability of ignition) and FDFM (fine dead fuel moisture) calculations plus every required weather parameter. Combined with the Kestrel LiNK App you can measure, data log and predict trends to assist in key event management decisions.

The most effective, portable and user-friendly WBGT meter on the market. The 5400 series meters help to detect when heat-related conditions are unsafe well before your body does, audible and visual warnings report heat stress plus Wet Bulb Globe Temperature without the need for distilled water or a bulky globe.

The Kestrel DROP D3FW is designed to monitor and record a full suite of environmental conditions, including wet bulb temperature (Psychrometric), temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point temperature, station pressure and pressure trend. Perfect for gathering data and managing a burn site when knowing environmental conditions is important for compliance and to ensure a fire doesn't get out of control.

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