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Emergency One Stand: OS10, H98

The Magirus Wolf R1 is a tactical response robot that allows emergency services to remain outside the danger zone in conditions of hazardous material exploration, danger of collapse or intense heat development, while persevering on the spot with utmost precision. Specialised camera systems ensure that the operations command is always supplied with the latest live images and videos, while the fully electric drive moves the Wolf R1 purposefully and quietly on the most difficult surfaces and allows it to act flexibly, e.g. via robot arm.

The Magirus M32L-AT articulated turntable ladder with telescoping arm is the original of its kind. Several hundred units are already successfully in the field. The articulated ladder gets through to rescue locations that normal turntable ladders can't reach. The full automatic articulated ladder M32L-AT with combined, simultaneous movements according to DIN EN 14043. The 5-sections ladder set with active oscillation damping CS (Computer Stabilized) and additional telescopic section ensures variable penetration depth up to 4.7 m. The ladder turret with automatic self-levelling provides up to 17.6% side slope. The Magirus M32L-AT is very easy to safely operate thanks to display indications and computer monitoring. The rescue cage with centrally arranged control stand comes with entrance gates at the cage front corners according to practical experience.

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