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Men's Aspira Jacket

Paramo Ltd Stand: 5/L222
  • Men's Aspira Jacket
  • Men's Aspira Jacket
Men's Aspira Jacket Men's Aspira Jacket

A fully specified jacket that will survive the worst the mountain can throw at it. The Páramo Aspira Pro's functional desgin recognises the imporatance of practicality of use with the diminished mental and physical capacity that can come with altitude, freezing temparatures and the restrictions of gloved hands. 

- Fully adjustable, wired roll-away hood. Higher volume hood fits over all types of helmets and is adjustable with cord locks

- Adjustable temperature control through upper arm vents. 

- Further temperature control and weather protection from our multi-adjust low bulk cuff design which also allows sleeves to be rolled up for cooling.

- Excellent weather protection from 2" drip skirt and scooped tail. 

- Removable foam inserts in back. 

- Less prone to abrasion or damage through reversed zips. 

- 'Fast access' chest pocket. 

- Handwarming provided by two pockets. 

- OS map storage provided by one large external working plus large internal dry map pocket. 

- Additional reflective material on hood and back of neck for clear aerial and reverse visibility (especially when hood stowed).