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MEQU M Warmer

Fenton Medical Stand: 5/F232
  • MEQU M Warmer
  • MEQU M Warmer
  • MEQU M Warmer
MEQU M Warmer MEQU M Warmer MEQU M Warmer

When time is of the essence, and you need to focus on the
patient, you do not want to spend time handling and assembling equipment.                                                                            MEQU have developed an efficient and intuitive fluid warming system.


Easy to use - fits right into a standard IV giving set and no                                                                                                 possibility of assembling the system incorrectly.

The total setup time of the M Warmer System is less than 30                                                                                               seconds enabling you to focus on your patient.

The M Warmer System has a total weight of 760 grams and
it takes up a minimum of space making it the lightest and
most portable system on the market.


The M Warmer System delivers up to 150ml/min of body
temperature fluid no matter the input temperature. You
can of course use the M Warmer System at higher flow rates
than 150ml/min, and the fluid will still be warm, but it may
not reach the set temperature.
On a single, fully charged Power Pack, the
M Warmer System can warm 1.5L of cold fluid (5 C 39 C) or 3L of ambient
temperature fluid (20 C 39 C).
The Power Pack + is 60 grams heavier than the standard
Power Pack, with the same size and volume and 33% higher
warming capacity. It warms 2L of cold fluid ( 5 C 39 C) or 4L of
ambient temperature fluid (20 C 39 C).