WESTMED® Mobile Lab

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  • WESTMED® Mobile Lab
  • WESTMED® Mobile Lab
  • WESTMED® Mobile Lab
WESTMED® Mobile Lab WESTMED® Mobile Lab WESTMED® Mobile Lab

The mobile lab enables all standard laboratory tests and examinations anywhere in the world.

Even in countries with limited infrastructure, the system allows testing with results available  within a matter of minutes.

The module covers all standard urine and blood tests and is equipped with required material. Also included are all standard spare parts and accessories, to enable at least 200 procedures. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with clothes and PPE for personnel.

The basis is a Merces Sprinter 319CDI long version with following features:

  • A/C
  • 3x front seats
  • Digital radio
  • Assistant systems
  • automatic activated light and wipers

In addition, the work area of the vehicle is equipped with following accessories.

  • Extra insulation
  • 2nd battery with auto-recharge-function
  • Air-conditioning and extremely high quality interior
  • Rear view camera
  • Voltage protection and fuse box
  • Additional heater
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