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PVSTOP Solar Panel Block Out

Jactone Products Stand: 5/P190

PVSTOP is the world’s first and only solution for ‘switching off’ solar panels, making them safe in an emergency such as a fire, flood or storm. PVSTOP does this by acting as a liquid blanket that is sprayed onto the solar panel and blocking out the light – the energy source.

What does PVSTOP do

The primary function of PVSTOP is to render panels to be electrically safe while acting as a fire retardant solution. The PVSTOP spray delivery system allows users to cover solar panels in a matter of seconds. The fire retardant polymer film blocks light to the PV cells upon contact. The neutralisation process only takes seconds.

The polymer film is designed to stick to solar panels during all weather conditions. Even if the PV modules are wet the coating will stick to the glass panel. Once the coating has dried, PVSTOP can be easily peeled off by hand. The coating does not contain any adhesives and does not damage solar panels in any way.

Why Choose PVSTOP

• Eliminates the risk of DC electrocution.

Can 'switch off' a panel in seconds.

Does no damage to the PV system.

Polymer film coating simply peels off once dry.

Environmentally friendly.