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We work closely with employers, training providers and stakeholders to develop qualifications, so you can feel confident that your learners will have the exact skills and understanding they need at work.

In line with our qualification and product development philosophy, all our qualifications are designed with a clear purpose. We design a wide variety of qualifications which range in complexity, from knowledge only to professional competence qualifications that recognise expertise in the workplace.

Before we develop a qualification, we make sure there is a demand for it by carrying out our own research, and talking to training providers and employers.

Our qualification development process involves:

  1. Development of a business case – this includes a detailed review of demand alongside other factors that may inform the development process
  2. Evaluation of the business case – our senior management team reviews each proposal carefully to make sure the qualification is viable
  3. Qualification/unit development – we set up and manage an appropriate working group and consultation process, and identify what technical support is required
  4. Handbook creation – each of our qualifications has a detailed handbook, providing guidance for all members of the delivery and quality assurance teams
  5. Regulation – qualifications are submitted to the relevant regulator – Ofqual (England), Qualifications Wales, CCEA (Northern Ireland), SQA Accreditation (Scotland)
  6. Launch – our development and marketing teams work closely with stakeholders to ensure the qualification launch runs smoothly and effectively

Our flexible, personal approach to each project means that in addition to the qualification itself we can also identify any additional resources, such as e-assessment, workbooks and learning resources, that may benefit delivery in the long-term.

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