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QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze

Fenton Pharmaceuticals Ltd Stand: E87

QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze is 3 inches x 4 feet of soft, white,                                                                                                      nonwoven, hydrophilic guaze impregnated with kaeolin,                                                                                                                     an inorganic mineral that is both safe and effective in accelerating the body's natural clotting cascade                                                    without any exothermic reactions or use of animal or human proteins.

Each QuikClot EMS Rolled Gauze is packaged in an easy-tear pouch.


  • Spine Boards
  • Stretchers
  • Burn Treatment
  • Casualty Handling Equipment
  • Dressings
  • First Aid Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Patient Handling Equipment
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Rescue  Equipment
  • Warm Vests
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