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20 Jul 2021

Rear Cycle Pannier

Openhouse Products Ltd Stand: 5/D170
  • Rear Cycle Pannier
  • Rear Cycle Pannier
  • Rear Cycle Pannier
Rear Cycle Pannier Rear Cycle Pannier Rear Cycle Pannier

We have worked alongside cycle response team leaders from up and down the country, for many years now, in order to produce our range of cycle panniers designed for cycle response paramedics who get where ambulances can’t.  This particular version was designed for the use of the St John Ambulance team and is fit for purpose.  The Rear Cycle Pannier is suitable for carrying equipment needed in medical emergencies including oxygen.

All of our cycle panniers are made in micrAgard PLUS, which is the material exclusive to Openhouse.  micrAgard PLUS is anti-microbial, wipe-clean and water repellent. These features are well suited to the cycle panniers for outdoor use in a medical situation.  In addition to this, the pannier fastens via hook and loop which is also treated to ensure maximum protection against infection.  micrAgard PLUS is also heavy duty and hardwearing, which is essential for outdoor use.

The pannier features welded logos for St John Ambulance and also welded on strips along the lid, reading; “Ambulance”, and “Cycle Response Unit.”  The welded logos are also reflective when light is shone onto them, assisting the user to stay safe when attending an incident.  Reflective chevrons are also present to both sides of the pannier, ensuring the bike can be easily visible.

The strap to fasten the pannier to the bicycle fits beneath the seat so it’s discreet and keeps the pannier securely fitted.

Inside the pannier there are two internal grab bags that have their own set of pouches.  The grab bags have colour indicators sewn on the top so they’re visible as you open the pannier, and each grab bag has zip lock sliders compatible with our tamper proof seals.